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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

See his Right Wing connection, Part II

Yesterday's comment traffic over at Dump Bachmann was oh so entertaining. Here's a clip of highlights by Ken's Platoon member "Beckfeld":

If you think PRT is a good thing and [the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist] thinks its [sic] a bad thing then he is more of an expert then [sic] you.
one of the reason [sic] I hate the PRT is because Olson and Swanson like it and they have yet to be right on anything so I figure the laws [sic] of averages says this must be a really bad idea also.
. . .
If the Discovery Inst. is backing this why hide it? I would think it could use all the help it can get.

This guy follows Avidor unquestioningly. Uncritically. An unskeptical skeptic. Who hates (and is no friend of punctuation either).

And if a couple of Resmuglicans are for PRT, then he's ag'in' it!

What then does Beckfeld make of the fact that a huge supporter of light rail is Paul "Goo-Goo" Weyrich of the ultra conservative Free Congress Foundation? FCF has a great deal in common with Michelle Bachmann and Slappy Olson where the Resmugs' big "cultural" issues are concerned (Weyrich also co-founded the Heritage Foundation).

And who should praise Weyrich but Light Rail Now, which reproduced one of his op-eds on its site -- the same site that continues to offer a long-debunked "analysis" of PRT that regurgitates Avidor's flawed propaganda points.

Now, does this mean light rail is tainted by right-wing connections? Should progressives oppose light rail because of support by one of the leading promoters of social-conservativism? Of course not! One of the main points of this blog's anti-propaganda effort has always been that transit technology is not inherently political -- left and right, Democratic and Resmuglican, support for transit crosses party lines.

And, in fact, Weyrich's support of transit includes praise for PRT: Weyrich's New Electric Railway Journal has ranked the West Virginia University PRT as better than the Disney World Monorail.

So why does a certain Minneapolis cartoonist insist that Personal Rapid Transit can only be a right wing scam, and that PRT and anyone -- or any thing -- supporting PRT must be an anti-transit con artist because Olson and Bachmann got their cooties on it?

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