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Thursday, January 18, 2007


Today the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist quotes Weiner Watch's Atren, and wants to know:

if Rep. Mark Olson was aware that he was held in such low regard by the PRTistas?
now, when the going got rough... [sic, ellipses in original] when he needs a little moral support, his old pals... [ellipses in original] the PRTistas throw Olson under the bus (pod).
Of course, he's just talking to himself now, since yesterday he turned off comments.

But the answer to his question is this: Atren has no record of ever supporting "Slappy" Olson, so there's no abandonment. Unless, that is, one thinks you have to support someone solely based on a single issue such as transit mode preference.

That, of course, is exactly what the Propagandist thinks. This from the archives:
Take a look at the picture of Jim Huhtala standing in front of the Hiawatha Light Rail... It's a clear choice for liberals. Nuff [sic] said. Source
That's Kiln Ovendoor's single-minded, simple-minded litmus test. All a politician has to do to get his vote is stand next to a train--and if you don't agree, you're not a liberal.

But one still has to wonder which side Kenwood himself is on. Remember, the "-ista" appellation is a right-wing way of deriding progressives (e.g., "Clintonista").

News: Apple's Steve Jobs announces iVidor, a thin, lightweight version of Ken Avidor

1 comment:

A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Yep, this about covers it. I actually composed a response to this in Avidor's comment section - only to realize he'd turned off comments! Just as well that I didn't respond there - what's the point? Nobody reads that blog.

It amazes me that he would think I give a rat's ass about Mark Olson or Dean Zimmermann. For one thing, I hate politics; for another, I don't even live in Minnesota! This guy thinks that the world revolves around Minneapolis politics! Even his letter to the Santa Cruz newspaper was littered with Minneapolis political dirt. It's absurd!

But that's Avidor...