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Friday, January 19, 2007

Another fabrication by the Propagandist

The Santa Cruz Sentinel today published a story about a Personal Rapid Transit study done for that community--and Kurb Labridor the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist is right there with a hastily-manufactured fabrication:

PRT confuses the real transportation issues facing citizens and public officials.
While Ed Porter is wasting Santa Cruzans' time and money with his PRT pod fantasy...

Santa Cruz Indymedia:
Despite a large public outcry against the move, the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission voted to pursue funding for three local Highway 1 expansion projects. The three projects were brought to the new SCCRTC on their first meeting, January 11th, 2007.
What a coincidence! Whenever highway expansion faces opposition, you'll find the PRTistas. Source

Mr. Ovendoor is taking two totally separate events and linking them with his nonexistent "PRT scam"! Because if you follow the Indymedia link it turns out the PRT study is in no way connected to the SCCRTC action:

According to a spokesperson for the SCCRTC who was in favor of the project, the reason why they were bringing about these projects, virtually unannounced to the public, was to take advantage of possible funding from the passage of the statewide bond measure 1B. The spokesperson claimed that they needed to go forward with an approval of the projects in order to meet an end of the month deadline for applications for projects to CalTrans. However, this assertion was later refuted by at least two other officials who had worked with the Transportation Task Force and had knowledge of previous CalTrans funding procedures. Source
Not only is the Commission's justification refuted, PRT is not mentioned anywhere in the story!

What's more, this reporter had the chance to review a draft of the PRT study, and it cites the European Union finding that PRT would increase travel while decreasing road traffic. That would mean less need to build more roads or expand existing ones.

Once again, Kenmore just makes things up to suit his hatred of PRT.

The Miss USA pageant has taken away Ken Avidor's crown of Miss New Jersey.

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