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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No pleasing some people

Recently Monsieur l'Avitory the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist was wringing his hands over his belief that PRT supporters had abandoned Rep. Slappy Olson.

"Rep. Mark Olson... carried the banner for the PRT cause," wrote the Propagandist. "He authored legislation and gave countless interviews and speeches. He even appeared at Minneapolis City Hall with the dope-addled [Dean] Zimmermann. Olson sweat [sic] buckets for the PRT cause and now, when the going got rough... [sic] when he needs a little moral support, his old pals... the PRTistas throw Olson under the bus (pod)." [ellipses in original]

We'll forgive him the mangled grammar. Again. As well as his continuing to perpetuate the idiocy that you have to support a candidate just because they support PRT.

Today some of the very "moral support" Labridor called for is finally forthcoming for Rep. Olson--but despite his earlier pleas The Ovendoor is dismissive:

Green Party candidate Dave Bicking has posted a statement in support of Zimmermann around the internet.

Topping the list of signatories is J. Edward Anderson, the PRT guru... Does the wacky professor and the CPRT also believe Rep. Mark Olson is innocent? Is Rep. Mark Olson a "political prisoner" too?
Well d'ya feel sorry for Olson or not!?

Reality check, Mr. Avismores. Olson is not charged with anything that could be construed to be a
political crime. So my guess is, if you asked Anderson, the answer would be No on the political prisoner question. As for the matter of Olson's innocence--well, he is, until proved guilty. Most of us Constitution-istas prefer to wait for the trial.

But why don't you just ask Anderson? Oh, that's right--you don't have to interview someone if all you're doing is spreading propaganda.

Advice: why not spend more time practicing the 5 Ws and the H, instead of going on cattle calls trying for the role of Sonny in the road company of "Miami Vice"?

"‘Tubbs, if you ever keep a secret from me again, I'll--’"
"Thank you. NEXT!"
Judith Miller's source was Ken Avidor

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