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Thursday, January 11, 2007

He has the right to remain silent

Unable to provide any evidence for his "PRT is a scam" allegation, Mr. Avignore the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist has now fallen back on the NYPD Blue Strategy--he is attempting to play good cop/bad cop with Rep. Mark "Slappy" Olson:

But, Mark Olson could take another path... the path of honesty and integrity. [ellipses in original] Olson could seek professional treatment for his anger problem. With over a decade in office, Olson could write a spellbinding account of all the nasty, dishonest things he did with the very people who are throwing him under the bus right now.

For instance, Olson could come clean about the PRT scam. He could give us the inside story on how so-called "fiscal conservatives" like Michele Bachmann could promote Zimmermann's billion dollar boondoggle. Source
Of course, as we never tire of explaining, the "PRT scam" exists only insofar as Avignore keeps posting the term on the Interweb.

Not only has he failed to prove it despite years of lyin' and tryin', the idea of a scam is also impossible from a logical standpoint. Such a conspiracy would require numerous engineers, governments, companies, policy experts, and officials--from around the world, speaking different languages, and coming from different political philosophies--to all be in on it, and keep it secret.

In other words, Avignore is asking Olson to admit something that he already knows doesn't exist. He is posting empty rhetoric in order to sound high-minded. He is wasting his readers' time.

Combine ingredients and top with cheese; bake in a Ken Avidor preheated to 350 deg until golden brown


John said...

Wow. I really have entered the land of stupidity. I have entered a blog so boring and dumb that apparently you guys needed to make a second version of it to get it right.

It's incredible how you manage to take a quote, copy it down, and draw entirely different conclusions than those the author (Avidor, in this case) were trying to make.

PRT is completely and utterly infeasible. It is a concept from the 1950's, back when people were told that we would have personal jet packs and be taking space taxis to Mars by the year 2000.

Let's take this wonderful quote by Vukan R. Vuchic, a transportation professor at the University of Pennsylvania (which has one of the best planning colleges in the nation):

"It(PRT) combines small vehicles, ideal for low-density travel, with complicated, electronically controlled guideways which are feasible only for heavily traveled routes. Thus in suburban areas where a vehicle size for three to six persons would be optimal, construction of guideways is economically infeasible; on major arterials where guideways are justified, the small vehicles cannot provide the required capacity. Consequently, the combination of the two features – small vehicle and complicated guideway – is paradoxical and makes the PRT mode infeasible under all conditions."

Of course, I'm not sure why I'm writing this down, because you people are all lunatics to believe PRT could exist anyway. Oh well.

Mr_Grant said...

Hello fellow environmentalist! Thanks for recycling talking points, so that Kiln Ovendoor doesn't have to make new ones. As we know, making them up is not a sustainable practice! --Editor

John said...

Wow, you did it again! Only this time you drew entirely different conclusions from me instead of Avidor! You're good Mr. Lant--I mean, Grant!

Mr_Grant said...

John-John wrote:
Of course, I'm not sure why I'm writing this down, because you people are all lunatics


I have to request, though, that from now on you support opinions you state in this blog with your own logic and facts, not talking points. While he is a talented engineer and academic, Vuchic's PRT writings are strangely general and opinion-based. At no point does he establish anything approaching a conclusive proof of PRT infeasibility.

By the way, you haven't quite got the hang of the name-mockery motif. What's a "Lant"? Practice.


A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Another Avidor sock/brain puppet. How lovely!

John, if you are indeed not Avidor himself, it's nice to know you've lent him your brain.