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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

With 51 you get egg roll


Democrats have retaken the House of Representatives, and--this just in--
Jon Tester in Montana became our 51st vote in the Senate (I count Lieberman, for now, and Sanders in the D column).

Here in the other Washington we've sent Mike McGavick packing, and Darcy Burner is down to the wire with Dave Reichert. Jim McDermott is poised to chair a Ways & Means subcommittee--finally in a position to make a serious push for single payer health insurance.

Initiatives were soundly rejected that would have hamstrung environmental protections and cut the estate taxes for the 250 richest families. A measure directing public utilities to invest and purchase power from alternative sources is narrowly leading. Locally, we said Yes to improved express bus service.

Back east in Minnesota there is cause for celebration too. There the legislature is going DFL, and Amy Klobuchar is going to the US Senate.

I know the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist (rhymes with open sore) or someone at Lloydletta is going to slap themselves on the back for beating Fine and Kennedy. But if they are going to take credit for the wins, they have to admit defeats too. For coming out on top are the two people for whom Rhymes With Labrador reserved his special sauce of hatred: Mark Olson and Michele Bachmann.

Bachmann. "God" told her to run and probably suggested the slogan Global Warming What's That? Instead of harping on PRT, Rhymes With Matador should have been demanding a doctor evaluate the connectivity of the Loony B's corpus callosum. And yet, this Medieval throwback is going to sit on the floor of the US House of Representatives. That she will be in the minority is the only consolation. Maybe she and Keith Ellison (first Muslim in Congress!) can sit across the aisle from each other and work out a Tastes Great-Less Filling routine.

Olson. DMO said he was in trouble over transportation; they said it was because he opposed Northstar and, more than just by inference, supported PRT. And yet, he's going back to represent 16B in the Minnesota House.

Maybe Rhymes With Oven Door should have spent more time trying to Dump those two, instead of trying to tie PRT to an ideology. Or campaigning for Wetterling, Wilde, Rowley and Huhtala instead of wasting a huge chunk of time on childish cartoons (my apologies to children, who probably use Photoshop more expertly than does Rhymes With Undies Drawer; but you know what I mean).

The stakes in this election were huge, and the Dumps/LL wasted time and effort on PRT, something that wasn't even on the table as a policy option! Rhymes With Matador must face up to just how ineffective he is because of his anti-PRT vendetta. A scribbler. A shooter of cheap, grainy ambush/voyeur videos--the 11th-hour church video notwithstanding.

But looked at another way, if there were no more Bachmann and Olson, Rhymes With Sockdrawer's life would be that much more diminished. Where would Quixote be without the windmills? Rhymes With Polydor must love PRT.

Also today: "Spanking III: Wrath of K@n"--only 14 messages to get to "Whatever"!

What it's all about (11/7)

Update (11/9): (1) Fabian email hits Labridor's ineffectiveness; Kenmore changes subject.
(2) Propagandist accuses this blog of "gloating;"* again blames media instead of own ineffectiveness. (Thanks for the plug, Kenwood!)

(3) The Propagandist's FIRST comment is "Whatever"!
Update (11/10): Dump Bachmann contributor writes--
PRT was non-issue

* I am--but only about Democratic victories!

You can fool all of the Ken Avidor some of the time

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