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Monday, November 13, 2006

Why does he hate Click and Clack?

Of all the un-American things!

Hating cars is fine, but the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist goes so far as to attack Tom & Ray Magliozzi, possibly National Public Radio's biggest stars.

Why? They sinned against the Propagandist by joking about cars.

Here they are, two guys from Beantown who went to MIT and opened a garage--but then decided to help people save money on car repairs. Kenworth Opendoor decided that deserved a cheap attack.

The irony is that the Magliozzis frequently make anti-SUV and pro-hybrid statements on their "Car Talk" program. They also deride ridiculously overpowered sports cars, such as the BMW M3. One of the Magliozzis doesn't even own a car--he rides a bike instead!

It occurs to me that Kenwood has lately been calling himself a "graphic artist" instead of "cartoonist." Is it because the latter has car in it?

Revealed: PRT is Anti-Education

(PRTJJ) Students at West Virginia University were disappointed at the Nov. 19 annual Mountaineer Week PRT Cram, when the winning team was only able to stuff 95 undergraduates into one of the little automated transit cars.

"This again shows how inadequate Personal Rapid Transit is," said a Minnesota transportation expert, who gave reporters his name.

"PRT is low capacity," the expert said, as he munched on a slice of Meat Lovers Pizza™ from Pizza Hut. "If the university had invested in a proven streetcar or light rail system they would have been able to cram in a lot more students."

The expert said the PRT, which has carried millions of riders without injury since beginning operation in the mid-1970s, is part of an insidious right-wing anti-transit conspiracy.

"The proof of the plot is under every PRT car at WVU, said the expert. "It's the wheels. Automobiles use rubber tires, not real transit systems. In addition, the wheels are very dorky." The expert holds a doctorate of dorkiness from Dartmouth.

"WVU students aren't having as full of a college experience as they could be, if they were able to cram 500, 600 or more people onto high-capacity light rail," the expert said. "PRT cheapens the collegiate experience. I weep for the immeasurable harm PRT has done to our system of higher education."

It was a quiet week in Lake Wobegone, my home town, out on the edge of Ken Avidor.

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