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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sunny California cool to the Propagandist

This just in from the recent Advanced Transit Association conference in Santa Cruz, courtesy of Yahoo Groups poster Richard Gronning:

Before the first session began a city council member asked me if I knew anything about [the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist]. Apparently he had several correspondences with our [Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist]. From the initial brief he had considered that [he had] made a mistake in bringing ATRA to Santa Cruz. He had asked for proof of the adversarial statements that [the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist] had made about PRT. He got back cartoons. I won’t repeat his comments about what he thought about [the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist]. I’ve concluded that the situation is considerably better to have [the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist] as an adversary than to have him as an advocate. Source
How soon until Labridor adds the Santa Cruz council to the Pod Squad? Will he start smearing Santa Cruz as a strange place where weird stuff happens?

Ken Avidor is a mass of cold air moving down from Canada

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