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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Election season

One of the big issues that has popped up as we near the November 7 midterm election is the controversy over embryonic stem cell research. On one side there are pro-science Americans who see hope for finding cures for serious diseases in the utilization of unwanted frozen blastocysts that would otherwise be destroyed. On the other side are fundamentalist theocrats, the current base of the Resmuglican Party--and the right-wing media blowhards trying to suck up to them.

Have you noticed that an argument the fundies use to oppose stem cell research is exactly parallel to the anti-innovation arguments of the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist?

Anti-stem cell research: It is costing a lot of money, hasn't produced any big cures--and maybe never will.

The Propagandist: PRT has wasted a lot of money, has never worked, and in all likelihood never will.
Ironic that the Propagandist is allowed to post at Lloydletta's Nooz, which has correctly taken Michele Bachmann to task for her positions on stem cell research, as well as creationism and science in general.

S'funny that Lloydletta believes CREATIONISM "isn't a left-right issue" or "liberal-conservative issue," but continues to support Kenwood's insistence that Personal Rapid Transit is only supported by right wingers or the gullible. Consistency, anyone?

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1 comment:

A Transportation Enthusiast said...

As much as I hate to, I have to give the Lloydletta crowd credit. They've stayed on message for years now, spreading the same disinformation for so long that people take it for fact. They've taken their strategy right out of the attack politics handbook: start with disinformation and scare tactics, stay on message no matter what, and ignore/deflect/ridicule factual challenges from others.

This last part reveals the depth of their coordinated strategy: I've tried to engage them in debate on why the European Union has endorsed PRT, and they refuse to give a serious answer. There are at least a dozen contributors to Lloydletta and DumpBachmann combined, yet nobody is willing to answer a single question?

The reason is obvious: they have no answer. They've made a collective political decision to ignore my comments, because to acknowledge my points is to admit their deceptions. They cannot answer my challenges, so they ignore them.

When I persist and they are forced to respond, it's with sarcasm and condescension. It's an attitude that can be best described as "fly-swatting" - a kind of distracted annoyance that both deflects the criticism and marginalizes the critic: e.g. "Why won't A.T.E. go away?"

The fly swatting technique treats the elephant in the room as if it were no more innocuous than a common house fly - and it often works, especially with a friendly audience. Of course, the astute listener will recognize the elephant for the fly... but astute listeners are not the norm.

Yes, Rovian tactics are alive and well at Lloydletta, at least when it comes to transit and PRT.