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Friday, January 15, 2010

Look at who's a mindreader

First, read my Wednesday post and decide whether I am "[Insisting] on Misrepresenting Congressional Candidate's Position on PRT", as Ken Avidor 'insists' on claiming.

I have corresponded with Ms. Winograd, and what she told me is, "Until I know a lot more about the PRT, I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline to support it."
That is a far cry from
Ken Avidor's extreme claims, such as 'PRT is a right wing scam' as well as being 'impossible.' In fact, Ms. Winograd's position is perfectly reasonable, because I don't want people to support PRT either until they know 'more' about it! Just like I don't want them to oppose it until knowing more about it.

Ken is claiming to know what's in my head! The headlines he has written for the relevant blog posts are:

1. "PRT Promoter David Gow Spreads More Misinformation"

"PRT Promoter David Gow Insists on Misrepresenting Congressional Candidate's Position on PRT"
He's claiming I have the intention of misleading. Takes one to know one, Ken!

Dear readers, tell me if this is unreasonable: I get a Google Alert on PRT; it links me to a webpage that quotes Winograd praising the 1970s "Boeing" PRT (Morgantown), citing it as an example of how we should be putting aerospace workers to work. Isn't it then reasonable to assume she would support PRT today? Of course it is. But not if you're conspiracy-minded Ken Avidor.

I'll conclude my Winograd-related remarks by wishing her luck in the primary, we need fewer blue dogs and more true progressives in Congress.

Let's move on to the main part of the discussion: Ken Avidor's latest postings provide us material for another installment of--

What We Learned

What we learned this time is that Ken Avidor is so desperate to recover from the drubbing he took at Democratic Underground that he reverts to pattern -- he goes looking for another thing he can distort, in order to divert attention from his defeat. I won't just claim this, I'll provide evidence.

For example, after this defeat at Daily Kos, he constructed the "PRT = torture" lie.

After he failed to prove that only right wingers want PRT, he claimed persecution by a PRT company.

This time he decided to go after my list of pro-PRT people and organizations at Get On Board!PRT.

My mention of Winograd's
documentable praise for "Boeing" PRT is notable because she is the only one on the list not making a specific, affirmative endorsement of the current generation of PRT technologies.

Ken is picking on my listing of Winograd shows how desperate he is for cheap 'victories.' How about the others on the list, Ken?
Want a good laugh? Imagine Avidor writing to everyone on the list, trying to grill them about PRT!

I hope you get a lot of comfort out of cheap 'victories,' Ken. They're the only kind you're going to get.

Also today: A grant is not an earmark, Ken! (and why is he surprised the Winona "PRT lab" is about economic development? It's what the city's Nov. 2009 pdf was all about!)

In the news: Minnesota Republican senate candidate Paul Ibisch is not on board with Winona PRT plan!
(and Democrat Steve Murphy of Red Wing "welcomes funding for PRT development in Winona or elsewhere.")Ken Avidor's biggest meme is wrong again

gPRT Imagine! - "Dear Rep. Hinchey: Why do you support Michele Bachmann? Sincerely, Ken Avidor."

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