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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

J'Excuse Moi?

Fresh off his disappointing performance at Democratic Underground, Ken "Sketchy" Avidor is looking for blood. So he's off to the accusation races!

Is that right. Well, I have to withhold detailed comments until I know the exact question he asked Winograd -- Ken has claimed a lot of bogus things in the past.

All I can say at this point is when someone praises a Personal Rapid Transit program, I think it's reasonable to assume she supports Personal Rapid Transit.

Or at least doesn't oppose it! Hey, maybe Winograd doesn't have any current plans for PRT. Or maybe she has some other transit priorities. That's perfectly reasonable. Marcy Winograd is welcome to contact me through Get On Board!PRT, because -- unlike Ken -- I am always happy to correct or clarify anything I've written.

The more interesting question this evening is -- why is
Ken Avidor of Minneapolis (the guy who only yesterday was telling me to butt out of Democratic Underground because I don't live in Minnesota) bothering a congressional candidate in California 36?

gPRT The answer starts with H and ends with ypocrite

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