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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Local man questions doctor's competency

A Minneapolis man went public today with questions about the competency of Dr. Thomas X. Guy of the Physical Rehabilitation Therapies (PRT) clinic.

Ken Avidor of Kingfield accused Dr. Guy of not knowing what he's doing. Avidor, who describes himself as "perhaps the leading skeptic of physical rehabilitation therapy," says the clinic exists only to steer patients toward lengthy, painful and expensive treatment, and away from proven technologies like canes, wheelchairs and walkers.

Avidor also cited information on the clinic website, which he called "proof of the PRT scam."

"According to his biography on the clinic's website, Dr. Guy has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. Well how much practice does he need? When is he going to stop practicing and just do it?" wondered Avidor.

"How many chances does Guy of PRT get???"

"Polish PRT?"

Ken Avidor (@Daily Kos)
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gPRT Ken Avidor is a preexisting condition

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