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Monday, January 04, 2010

Head of the Klass

Editor's note: We're keeping the change! Yup, we're going to make permanent our change in editorial policy: the Name of the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist will now be shown -- although special formattingwill be used.

The Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist started 2010 with a shock! As in Ken Avidor is shocked, shocked he is, that anyone pro-PRT might have something not-nice to say about him:

Keep it Klassy, PRT Dudes!
From the Transport Innovators forum:
I have always thought that Avodor was being paid by somebody to "prove" that PRT won't work, and now we know.

The very fact that he thinks Morgantown is PRT shows how little he actually knows, and that statements like "all PRT systems to date have been failures" shows that also. Here is a message from me to him:

Hey, Stupid, there have not been any PRT systems actually tried, so how can they be failures? The first is being tested now at Heathrow, and first reports indicate that it will be a success. Aren't you going to have a lot of Crow to eat when it begins to spread elsewhere? Who is going to pay you anything afterwards? Maybe you can get a job cleaning toilets somewhere.

Jack Slade
I'm curious whether Mr. Slade is the would-be PRT vendor listed on the City of San Jose website.

"Klassy"? And how many Jack Slades does he think there are in the PRT world? Come on now. This offends the guy who ridiculed Americans as fat because they drive a car ("standard-size, 300 lbs [sic] Americans")? Who calls babies in car seats and strollers "automorphed"? Who equates teenagers with street drunks, prostitutes and drug dealers?

By contrast, let's read through Mr. Slade's supposedly 'klassless' quote. What precisely is supposed to be objectionable -- the implication of monetary gain? The namecalling? Ken Avidor has said far worse about PRT supporters, for instance repeatedly demanding to know my source of income, famously swearing at Larry Fabian, and freely flinging such insults as wacky, loony, cultish, unhinged, nutcases, deluded and fanatics.

In order to make a claim that a PRT company official is anti-transit, Ken Avidor even went so far as to link that official -- falsely -- to responsibility for a multi-fatality train accident.

Ken has never apologized for these outrages. Those targeted by his attacks -- or anyone at all -- are blocked from leaving comments on his blogs.

In this instance, Avidor's tactic is obvious: to play the victim and point a finger at Slade. And hope San Jose DOT notices and downgrades Slade's response to the PRT RFI. Business as usual for Ken Avidor.

Ken, what did you mean by:

"Polish PRT?"

Ken Avidor (@Daily Kos)
read the PRTJJ coverage

He also distorted today:
The Daventry UK podcar program is on hold due to the global recession. But Ken Avidor wants you to think it was because PRT is "an imaginary mode of transport" that ripped off the town (he also implies transit shouldn't be expensive to plan)

gPRT Ken Avidor: the Flucker of Fling

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