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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Show and Tell

There's been a good deal of news of late concerning Vectus PRT -- the announcement of finalists for the first Swedish podcar project, and POSCO's first agreement on a project in South Korea. So I figured it's time you pro-PRT debunkers out there had another visual teaching tool: the difference between Vectus and Raytheon guideways.

Guideway Cross-sections
POSCO VectusRaytheon PRT2000

Here's a couple of photos to complete the comparison. The first shows the Swedish Rail Administration's traveling podcar exhibit -- see how small the guideway looks next to the cameraman in the foreground?

And then we come back to Raytheon -- the Marlborough, Massachusetts, test track. I've helpfully added a six-foot figure standing next to the support post.

Look closely: it's Ken!

1 comment:

Mike C said...

OMG, it's Ken next to the Vectus track! Look out, I think I see a bulldozer! ;-)