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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun with Google Translate

Editor's note: We continue beta-testing the change to one of the oldest editorial policies of "PRT is a Joke" IS A JOKE. For a limited time, The Name of the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist will be shown -- although special formatting will be used.

Google Translate keeps improving all the time. The following is translated from an article written in Chinese:
Exclusive a suburban
Occupy an entire section on a suburban train directly to office? "Personal Rapid Transit" is to achieve this dream.

Wen | Cheng Ge

Are not you waiting for the suburban railway, but the suburban railway at home waiting for you. This is the light-rail-and-coming urban-based "personal rapid transit" (PRT). As long as drilling a single section of the suburban railway carriages, it will be directly taken along the track you want to go to office buildings, off-line automatic Guairu side of the site, you are to lay down their car.

Roller coaster embodiment of urban light rail

West Virginia University student Matt (Matt) and his companions take the PRT had a short trip on the road did not encounter any traffic jams, but also want the flexibility to go to any place, the same as by car. They take such a transport system in the U.S. city of Morgantown. This is the first building of its kind around the world transportation system, it cuts across the urban Morganton, West Virginia University campus and Medical Center and other places, mostly here in University City services. Students, teachers and university staff and local residents can take.

At West Virginia University student home page, you can query to run the timetable. It is based on the University's teaching time to adjust. Every spring and fall semester Monday to Friday, from 6:30 am to start operations, to the end of 10:15 in the afternoon not open. Ensure that students are not late for class. But the summer semester hours of operation will be extended to the entire day, from 6:30 am assigned to at 18:30. Every Saturday is from 9 am to 17 points, because this is usually the majority of students up late day.

Matt wrote in his diary: "It's really cool! It is a monorail around the entire campus! It's like an amusement park!" This statement is, and its design is inspired by the monorail from Disneyland train.

This transport system was built in 1975, Boeing was in Morgantown built an 8 km-long rail, and is equipped with 21 seats in the cars. Rail through the steep gorges, will need to use the original 16 campus shuttle bus connection linking delivery of 15000 passengers per day, with an average trip distance of about 2.3 km. Their modes of operation is flexible, either continuous cycle of operation can also be in strict accordance with the timetable.

New students came to Morgantown, PRT ride around the campus is a wonderful experience. No drivers on it, but also trains, cars, walkways, and experience the wonderful roller coaster ride, etc. combine together. It is faster than the escalator than the roller coaster safer and more orderly than the cars, even smaller than the train.

Currently, Microsoft's Redmond headquarters is located in Seattle, ready to use personal transportation system, the construction of a park's public transport system. The park has more than 30000 employees, therefore, a number of junctions the daily throughput of up to more than 30000. As the park every day, a large number of meetings, training and business negotiations, had to prepare another 43 bus, CDB 5500 times a day, can be pulled these employees designated locations.

Microsoft believes that, PRT far more than the speed of vehicles. Moreover, it also takes into account Microsoft's notorious scarcity of parking spaces. Typically, an employee time spent looking for parking by even more than the previous work on the road. The PRT track of this non-stop continuous running vehicles can be avoided this problem.

Under construction in Microsoft's headquarters in the park's PRT system will include 29 sites, a total of five to run the loop, with a total mileage of approximately 10 miles (about 16 km). On the one hand, one-way closed loop circuit to ensure there will be no head-on collision of the incident, but on the other hand, the control center can take the initiative to limit vehicle speed to ensure the orderly operation, does not occur before and after the collision. Because each vehicle can only take 2 to 4 people, which will undoubtedly reduce the time the door switch, allowing the site to start the vehicle from the dock to keep a very short time. Moreover, if no one on the bus, the vehicle will be driven away on their own.

The subject of ridicule in the commercialization of

Multi-cartoonist Kena Wei (Ken Avidor) is such a staunch opponent of new modes of transportation. His anger came from his hometown - Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2004, the city's three members asked the Government invested heavily in a joint proposal to build PRT, in order to improve the traffic environment in the region. The move angered many Kena Wei. He believes that they conspired together a few in an attempt to deceive Minnesota taxpayers money.

"This is a joke," Ken said, "First of all, PRT's supporters can say, 'people do not like and strangers riding the same car', may be that people do not necessarily think so." In his view, "PRT is only suitable exists on the computer drawing of the cyber-space, in the brochure, in the lovely three-dimensional animated."

He also drew a lot of comic books come to satire PRT, for example, a single track in the Kaopu looked very swinging back and forth, in the above means of transport and even ran a small bomb into heaven, hop hop to. There is these that no one managed to run PRT in people's head, Paul would not be allowed when the window was open, with fast speed to drop some rotten eggs and tomatoes down, smacked their heads on the streets of pedestrians. He said that if run PRT in the urban areas, the streets will be every day, "off night soil." He even has specially set up a Web site is called "PRT is a joke". PRT's supporters, however, soon hit back, launched a "'PRT is a joke' is a joke" site.

Although controversial, PRT has gradually became popular in the recent, and has won a number of cities in order. In Ken's home page, he drew attention to: In other cities, in your side, whether there is such a scam? He listed a series of PRT has been or is about to use the long list of cities, including: Cincinnati, Denver, Cardiff, Morgantown, Seattle and Minneapolis. He believes that these places also, and his village, the use of PRT members of the public confusion, but for its authenticity, availability, and its improvement of public transport capacity and get rid of dependence on foreign oil, etc. but did not elaborate.

However, the dissenting voices but never the other hand, proved the success of PRT. Cardiff and other cities in the United States, PRT project has been in operation, the United Kingdom Science and Technology officials even there, the airport has been able to trial ride like cars.

PRT commercial, one of the biggest promoters of ATS companies has received orders for an airport in London. It relied on the名叫希斯罗the airport, "In the future transportation system arrived at Heathrow Airport" headline news published in the company's home page. In April 2009, representatives of 16 countries were invited to come to visit the PRT system has been completed. Engineers and operations personnel called for the delegates introduced ULTra vehicles. Vehicle has a spacious interior and ergonomic controls, and equipped with emergency exit system. During a visit to the elegant ground station, people can also observe up close how the automatic ULTra arriving and departing the station, and almost no sound run along the rails. The control room will be to achieve a comprehensive network, through a set of operating system that allows operators to anticipate the needs of passengers, including the frequency of information and local traffic conditions in order to pre-arranged location in the corresponding waiting vehicle.

"At first I thought we're just testing an idea, sometime in the future can be achieved," a transportation agency representatives said, "but I saw the amazing design, it is ready to enter the public transportation system and address a number of urban transport the problem?? I have to go back and tell my colleagues, so that they must come and see!"

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