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Monday, May 19, 2008

What does it really want?

For years now this thing, this Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist, has been spreading its clumsy, obviously false claims, rumors and smears about advanced transit technology and the people who support it.

The image portrayed is anti-car -- and by association the crusade is progressive and environmental. Personal Rapid Transit is, it repeats with great conviction but zero evidence, is a pro-car stalking horse.

But the crusade contains some contradictions pointing to some interesting clues about how thin that anti-car image really is. Go back a few years and you'll find a cartoon chiding NPR's Car Talk -- even though one of the hosts doesn't even own a car.

Every instance where it huffs its way around an auto exhibition like an imam at a fashion show is canceled out by something else -- support for pro-highway, pro-gun, anti-choice, anti-marriage-equality 'Democrat' Elwyn Tinklenberg, for example.

It trumpets the Northstar Sierra Club resolution against PRT funding, but calls the World Wildlife Fund-advised Masdar City with its planned PRT network "just a lot of hype."

Which raises another contradiction. The plan is to ban cars inside Masdar City, with buildings separated by 10 foot wide pedestrian streets. There will only be intercity light rail, internal PRT, and encouragement of bicycles and walking.

In other words, Masdar effectively makes all motorized passenger transportation PUBLIC. You would think the propagandist would be all for it. Ask yourself why it's not.

Ken Avidor puts the dor in dork


A Transportation Enthusiast said...

The key clue to his mentality is found in the name of his alter-ego: Ned Luddington. He's not just anti-car, he's anti-technology. He wants to go backward, not forward. When you look at it that way, PRT is as evil as anything invented after 1860.

Mr_Grant said...

But a German invented the foot-propelled bicycle in 1818. The 1860s version with chain drive is therefore an evil innovation! It's gadgetbiken!