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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The brightly colored non-fine print

The Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist is hard at work on Daily Kos again, spewing out another long-winded chain of suspicion ("carbon credit flim-flam"!), old talking points (robots!), Resmuglican cooties (Dave Pelton -- who?), and guilt by association (Sleepy Thompson!).

The smoking gun for him is a Resmuglican enviromintylist's project web page (Pelton's -- again, who?) that displays SkyTran PRT. It's "one of Carbon Angel's projects," Ovendoor says in his opening paragraph.

But you can stop reading his post at that point, because the rest of it is undercut by one, simple basic mistake he's made: at the top of that Carbon Angel page is displayed -- in large, friendly letters -- the words "Projects Under Review." It would appear, therefore, that SkyTran is not a Carbon Angel project; it is a CANDIDATE to become a project.

Maybe Kenmore can use Google Maps to prove the selection was/has/will be made already/in the future.

Ken Avidor is sealed in a mayonnaise jar on Funk & Wagnall's porch

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Hector Calamari said...

I responded to him there, and he called me a Republican/Libertarian troll and told me to go away. I brushed aside the insult and kept pressing the point, but he wouldn't respond.

I think he needs to clarify now whether he's anti-car or anti-PRT. Masdar has made it difficult to be both: you can't support Masdar without endorsing PRT, and you can't really reject Masdar without rejecting carfree. It's quite a conundrum for someone who is best known for his association with Carbusters.

He then posted another Dailykos entry, this time with video clips of James Howard Kunstler and Elwyn Tinklenberg dismissing PRT. We all know about Tinklenberg (he has rea$on$ for "railing" against PRT), but Kunstler is new. His dismissal of PRT is particularly bad: he basically admits that he "doesn't get it", then drives that point home by complaining that we don't need PRT, we need "walkable streets". Yep, that's a common criticism of PRT: that it goes against the goal of walkable streets! Silliness.