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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


1. You-Know-Who is still having kittens, peddling that talking point that my Google search links, like the one in the sidebar, are somehow deceptive:

How's this for PRT fakery...

Go to Gow's new blog:


Click on his Google search button.

This is the code Gow uses to exclude sites he doesn't want potential PRT devotees to see... Source
Blah blah blah, blah-de-blah. He's made this attack before, targeting the Google and Google News links at the gPRT What's New page.

Why don't you try it? Go to gPRT What's New and click on one of the Google links. Here's my question: how is it deceptive if the page of results lists right at the top the search terms that are included and excluded?

Readers of PRTJ2 should know: I take seriously my duty to protect you from the clumsy disinformation that spews from Ken Avidor's flying circus. You can count on me, when the rain starts to fall.

2. As I expected, the point of last weekend's post (Crumb & Crumber, 1/21) went totally over Ken's head. He thinks it's about his artistic technique. In reality we were lampooning one of his cartoons in order to make a point about his use of the "Uninformed Snap Judgment with Side-by-Side Visual Comparison" (2nd paragraph).

Poor, one-dimensional, literal-minded Ken. No wonder his cartoons don't have punch lines.

3. If Ken's claims of a PRT/paving/cars conspiracy were true, don't you think I could call up my buddies in the concrete industry to get sidewalks built on my block?


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