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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

See him invent a new form of prejudice

Lately this little anti-anti-PRT war has been heating up, and the last couple days I've gotten really excited about it. Not only has Daily Kos been the scene of a whopping 50+ comment thread of funny, but yesterday Kenmore hinted at yet more hilarity to come:

I can always tell when something really embarrassing has occurred for the PRT guys when Mr. Gow tries to distract me with his silly comment spam.

Stay tuned.

by K*n A***** on Mon May 04, 2009 at 09:45:43 AM PDT
I had no idea what he could be fantasizing about. And today we found out: the Masdar PRT "is a joke" because torture occurs in Abu Dhabi.:

It turns out the PRT system is a joke... but what do expect from a country where a prominent royal family member tortures people [ellipsis in original]

You can read for yourself* the really excellent comments by environmentalists who tore Kenwood a new asshole, so I won't do a recap here.

I do want to highlight a particularly distasteful -- yet amusing -- gaffe by Kennel Ration:
Don't believe greenwashing hype... there is no way that Masdar can be "sustainable"... it's in a desert. [ellipses in original]

He's saying people of desert nations can't live in sustainable conditions. As I wrote in response, "the Mideast had desert cities long before Western colonialism, by their very existence they were sustainable."

Wow. You can't have a sustainable city "in a desert." What do you call that kind of prejudice: "Biome-centric"?

Update: we have achieved today's "whatever"!
Read the whole shebang at Daily Kos.

* I did, it was great to start the day with a big laff. Be sure not to miss:

Ken Avidor OF ARABIA!


A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Here's a thought: how many light rail systems were built in the US during the waterboarding years? Waterboarding is pro-light rail and anti-PRT!!

Mr_Grant said...

I can name one, and it rhymes with Biawatha!

Can a light rail system be subpoenaed by Congress? Corporations have personhood, so I suppose it's possible. Although its testimony would sound like a muffled PA announcement.