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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

In what year does he think he is living?

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This morning *** hunkered down at his PC and posted the following:

The Minnesota High Tech Association has a list of exhibitors at the Wonders of Technology Pavilion at the 2005 Minnesota State Fair [link] . Skyweb/Taxi 2000 isn't on the list.

Is PRT going to be a no-show at the fair this year?

Maybe. Maybe not. Is he saying appearing at the fair last year but not this year signals trouble in the PRT world? It might, except that T2K didn't take the Skyweb prototype to the fair last year--that was two years ago. And folks loved it. You know: the average people who want better transit-- *** calls them transit bashers.

But I bet they know what year this is.


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