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Friday, August 05, 2005

He Makes You Discuss PRT

Originally published at "PRT Is A Joke" IS A JOKE v.1
Words written with wildcards (***, !!!, etc.) was the way we originally wrote
Ken Avidor, Ken, and Avidor.

PRTJJ has a compadre--at least in the ***-mocking department. Check out some of the bon mots lobbed in blogger triple_a's Residual Forces.

Triple_a's blog entry isn't about PRT, PRT isn't even mentioned. The subject is a small group of people who staged a lame media event to show-up Sen. Bachmann.

*** shows up with one of his usual cut & paste posting jobs, and HE brings up the subject of PRT. See? The poor guy MUST talk about PRT, it's like he just can't help it.

This time *** is repeating his tired, disproven, LTO3 claims about the T2K v. Anderson lawsuit and last spring's Minnesota PRT bond proposal.

So triple_a responds: "I am against the boon doggle [sic] of mass transit as a congestion solution."

***, regurgitating a talking point: "PRT is NOT transit. Groups that lobby for transit do not support PRT: ...tlcminnesota.org/Events/2004/Legislatu re/No%20public%20funding %20for%20PRT.pdf"

But being a self-identified transit-opponent and right-winger doesn't make triple_a stupid, he manages to see right through ***'s empty logic as easily as a kindergartner would: "It is transit. Its [sic] in the name for bleeps sake."

PS: In case you forgot-- *** hates it when I don't mention his name, so I don't.

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