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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

He's not at home when Mr. Context comes a-knocking

Originally published at "PRT Is A Joke" IS A JOKE v.1
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Ken Avidor, Ken, and Avidor.

In case you hadn't noticed, *** ****** loves to quote people out of context, such as the recent Ryan Kennedy Incident (8/13). An especially funny example was the time *** excerpted a purely academic discussion about deceleration and braking in PRT. Clearly out of his depth, he appears not to understand that the quotes he portrays as endorsements of PRT passengers pulling g's like fighter pilots are actually criticisms.

Or how about his talking point that PRT designer Ed Anderson calls PRT "disruptive technology." *** wants you to think Anderson means 'disrupting mass transit' to benefit highway interests. In fact the term comes from economics: meaning to challenge dominant technology, either by filling an unmet need, or by starting small and moving 'up-market' by means of performance improvements.

Isn't it strange (or maybe not) how *** twists and distorts in attempting to sully PRT, but ignores PRT supporters when they write things like:

:: "PRT is an essential technology in a Sustainable World!" -Andrew Euston, Planning and Community Development, HUD

:: "The European Union... views PRT as an important part of the Kyoto Protocol effort." -Cities21

:: "PRT is transit that is accessible, fast, affordable and safe--an additional tool for getting more people out of their cars." -SoundPRT

:: "I would use my bicycle or walk more often, if the streets were safe for anything other than SUVs." -Bob Dunning, President of ATRA (Advanced Transit Association)

:: "A much less used street is much more desirable to pedestrians and local inhabitants. The realistic goal of PRT is to turn entire cities into something like the historical centers of many European cities: paved streets with very sparse vehicle movement... low noise and pollution, a safer and more pleasant environment for the pedestrians and the kids." -Transport-Innovators List 8/15/2005


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