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Friday, December 10, 2010

Journalistic shmethics

Mock Journalist, Part XI

Ken Avidor's latest PRT Moondoggie post today revisits an old meme of his: that the internet accurately mirrors reality.  PRT-related forums don't have many members, he reasons, therefore PRT is unpopular.  The underlying logic is similar to This photo of Cardiff doesn't show the ULTra test track, therefore it must have been bulldozed.

Avidor has styled himself as some sort of muckraker and reporter, and tried to be an online news editor at the TC Daily Planet.  He has appointed himself a courtroom sketch artist.  He has even wailed about how hard it is to practice citizen journalism.

So readers of PRT Is a Joke IS A JOKE -- well aware of Ken's Fox-level journalism -- will get a good laugh (and shake their heads) over this: Ken reproduces a reader's email without permission. This despite the email including a specific instruction not to reproduce it.

Also:  This could be Ken's stupidest post in a long, long time. How many stupid things can YOU find in it?

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