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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Don't blame us

Ken Avidor the anti-PRT propagandist notes recently at the PRT Moondoggie that he doesn't get much e-mail from the pro-PRT side:
I don't get a "sizable amount of emails" about my "anti-PRT stance". In fact, I hardly get any emails from pod people.

He then uses this as a shred of evidence to back his claim that PRT doesn't have much support.

The reality is, there's a much simpler reason Ken never hears from us. It's found at his own website. Here it is:

--and the fine print reads:

Go on. You know you want to. 

What's next-- Ken claims no one supports PRT because there are no pro- comments posted at his PRT Moondoggie? Of course, there are no comments supporting him either- Hey, that must mean no one opposes PRT.

UPDATE - Don't Blame Us for This, Either: 
Incoming right-wing governors in Ohio and Wisconsin are refusing High Speed Rail funds because 1) they hate the federal government and 2) they want President Obama to fail. Ken Avidor thinks it's because the chairman of the Minnesota HSR Commission also supports PRT

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