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Friday, December 28, 2007

A headline that would mean something...

...if I were ever a member of CPRT or supporter of Slappy Olson:

‘The CPRT's David Gow Calls Rep. Mark Olson a "Certifiable Wacko"’

In the interest of accuracy (I'm all about the accuracy) I should point out that the full context is "He seems to be... a certifiable wacko." Nor am I a member of CPRT -- Kenthorpe knows this. Nor can anything be found showing that I ever supported Slappy -- because I don't support Resmuglicans.

Readers are invited to speculate why Captain Whatever thinks this is worth blogging about, while it's OK for him to call PRT supporters wacky, loony, cultish, unhinged, nutcases, deluded, fanatics, etc.

Or imply a PRT official's company was responsible for train accident deaths.

And where did this tiresome thrown under the bus cliché first start? Because it's transit bashing.

Also today: When he types "whatever" and clicks Post, do you think he rolls his eyes, and does the neck thrust with talk-to-the-hand gesture?

Welcome to the Hotel Ken Avidor; check in but you can never leave


Hayduke said...

I've been searching diligently in the roundabout for a rational, fact-based discussion of PRT, so far to no avail. I'm puzzled by this site... is this a comedy blog?

So far, PRT is much like reincarnation: it has little to recommend it other than the enthusiasm of its adherents. I would welcome a cogent discussion of the utility of a transportation system that adds yet another layer of infrastructure on an already overburdened transportation system

Mr_Grant said...

Comedy? Sure, although I usually call it The Funny.

I suppose you can think of this as a counter-propaganda blog that also has satire and parody. May I recommend our Manifesto link in the sidebar?

I wear many hats. I also do political satire, but not here. And traffic calming and pedestrian & bike safety, also not here.

Watch this page for news of the launch of a new collaborative blog about 'advanced transit,' which I think may be more of what you're looking for.

Until then, I leave you with this insight into the PRT philosophy: not all infrastructure layers are created equal; through minimalism do we seek a small footprint (physical and otherwise), relative to other transportation modes.

Hayduke said...

"we seek a small footprint (physical and otherwise), relative to other transportation modes."


I don't see PRT as having a small footprint relative to other transportation modes. It looks pretty big to me.

I certainly don't want to see a PRT track cluttering up my skyshed, blocking the view of the sky, the mountains and the far ocean horizon.

Automobiles, at least, stay on the ground, most of the time. Automobiles can be made to run on solar produced electricity. Automobiles already have a built-out infrastructure. No need to build new trackways, stations, maintenance facilities and administrative centers.

More is merely more. No new technology replaces the old. It's always in addition to, not instead of.

We need more less and less more.