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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Huge Embarassment for ***

Originally published at "PRT Is A Joke" IS A JOKE v.1
Words written with wildcards (***, !!!, etc.) was the way we originally wrote
Ken Avidor, Ken, and Avidor.

"And there is no PRT project at London's Heathrow airport either.
The PRTers are always saying there's a PRT project in the works somewhere. It's all bogus.

I suspect this recent batch of PRT misinformation is being put out there to help Dean Zimmermann."
-***, 10/18/2005

Check it out:

Advanced Transport Systems announces deal with UK airports agency for Heathrow PRT

Driverless pods to get airport users off to a flying start

Well ***, I hope you enjoyed your losing battle to forestall the future.

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