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Monday, August 02, 2010

People of India, your attention, please!

This is Ken Avidor:

Ken Avidor is a cartoonist. He is a cartoonist who hates Personal Rapid Transit and has been waging all-out propaganda war against it for years. And because you will be getting a Personal Rapid Transit system in Amritsar in the next few years, you will be hearing from Ken Avidor very soon.

Keep in mind Ken Avidor probably knows absolutely nothing about you or the Indian culture. So don't be puzzled if he says that 'weird stuff happens in India,' as he once said about Dubai. Or he might write 'Indian PRT?' as if being Indian is funny -- just as he once wrote about the Poles.

There is also a very real possibility that he thinks you are American Indians, and is busy searching the bia.gov website for Amritsar. So don’t be surprised if you see a post at The PRT Moondoggie that says something like 'there is no Amritsar tribe recognized by the U.S. government.' I mean, this is the guy who wrote to Houston trying to reach the Kuwait Arab Times.

Since Ken Avidor believes PRT is a scam perpetrated by right-wing politicians, he will also be accusing Indian politicians and urban planning officials of being 'gadgetbahners just like Michele Bachmann.' So don’t say 'tea party' if you really mean 'chai party' (although Avidor seems to be supporting the Bachmann-loving Tea Party. Go figure). So, India, you might as well prepare yourself for lots of these from Avidor:

But be not downcast India, for forewarned is forearmed. And good luck with your PRT project!

Also today:
One more time (with the Luddite catechism)!

Amritsar is an anagram for Air Trams. COINCIDENCE??? Or part of the scam?

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