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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Here we go

Gee, I wonder (don't you?) what federal fugitive and PRT-hater Mark Knapp thinks about his ex-friend Ken Avidor's latest post about personal rapid transit, Winona (Minnesota) and Dr. Vukan Vuchic?

A guy like Knapp, smart enough to allegedly steal other people's identities, might have thought: Why would Ken have put the Michael Setty white paper in the same class as two that have been debunked (1, 2)?

He might also have thought: But Vuchic has never done a detailed analysis of PRT, and hasn't had an original thought about PRT in what -- a decade?

I bet Knapp would also ask Ken Avidor what he meant by:

"Polish PRT?"

Ken Avidor (@Daily Kos)
read the PRTJJ coverage


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