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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blogger resigns to spend more time with his conspiracy theory

Editor's note: We continue beta-testing the change to one of the oldest editorial policies of "PRT is a Joke" IS A JOKE. For a limited time, The Name of the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist will be shown -- although special formatting will be used.

August saw the end of an era for Personal Rapid Transit, as it's most articulate critic announced his resignation as a contributor to the Dump Michele Bachmann blog.

"Way back in 2004, a transportation activist sent me an MPR article about the pods that quoted Michele Bachmann," Ken Avidor wrote in Dump Bachmann in recalling how he got started wanting to Dump Bachmann and opposing PRT. He also started opposing PRT in 2003 and 1989.

Avidor went on to explain he is departing Dump Bachmann in order to spend more time with his conspiracy theory. "I spent a lot of time away from my anti-PRT conspiracy theory last year, polishing my liberal credentials in the run up to Bachmann's reelection. Then I started to realize how much I miss my conspiracy," Avidor said.

One day, Avidor was on his regular daily commute between Alameda and Minneapolis when he started discussing children with the man in the next seat.

"I suddenly realized how fast my conspiracy has grown up, so much that I hardly recognize it," he said, "so I decided I needed to devote more time to it, before it has to start college in September."

This year, Avidor and his conspiracy have traveled to many places together, including Ithaca NY, Morgantown WV, Phoenix, London and Daventry in England, and Abu Dhabi.

He promises to return to Dump Bachmann soon. "Hopefully she'll be in Congress a long time, so I can spend the rest of my life trying to dump her -- it's that important to me," Avidor said.


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