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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Extremism in the defense of LRT is his vice

Editor's note: We continue beta-testing the change to one of the oldest editorial policies of "PRT is a Joke" IS A JOKE. For a limited time, The Name of the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist will be shown -- although special formatting will be used.

I think we need to isolate on one of the products of the last Daily Kos komment kerfuffle, because it reveals how extreme Ken Avidor is in his opposition to PRT.

Technically, the extremism concerns his attacks on PRT supporters. Remember, for him it's all about the right-wing conspiracy: if you're for PRT, then you're against LRT and just like Michele Bachmann.

Avidor's latest attack on Emory Bundy is the revelation. He's trotted out Bundy's name lots of times, but I don't think Ken had researched Bundy's history in much depth. After I dropped the news that Bundy had served as Allard Lowenstein's chief of staff, it took Avidor exactly seven hours to come up with a response.

It was also in that threadlet that I informed Avidor of what Eleanor Roosevelt wrote about Bundy, saying he (and Lowenstein and others on the 1959 Africa mission) "showed great courage."

Ken Avidor's reaction? To ignore the Lowenstein/Roosevelt aspect, and practice more guilt-by-association by posting a screenshot from a video -- Bundy, with the word "Republican" in the background.

Think about the litmus test. For Avidor, support for light rail is such an important indicator of political affiliation that it trumps Bundy's comradeship with Lowenstein. Light rail even trumps Eleanor Roosevelt.

I'll close by noting Avidor's re-use of the James Howard Kunstler YouTuber in the threadlet. Think Kenny-boy likes Kunstler because he's an objective, neutral social critic? Or maybe he just likes Kunstler's taste in art. Look familiar?

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Mike the Mad Biologist said...

There is a discussion you may be interested in regarding PRT brewing here:


Mr_Grant said...

Thanks MtMB, I will follow it with interest, while trying to suspend my gag reflex.

What brings you to PRTJJ -- the PRT, the funny, or both?