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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pause button - see his great new blog!

I'd like to hit the Pause button on this blog's format for a moment, and issue a hearty congratulations to Kern Avitype the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist.

That's right. The lad has finally broken out of his narrow, only-hating-PRT niche. Most recently he won a share of Honorable Mention in a beer commerical-making contest, which is a great honor.

The other quality effort is his newest blog, "Personal Rapid Transit is Bogus."

One has to admit that he has certainly broken new anti-innovation ground with his new blog. Yes, instead of the same tired old debunked talking points, he has created a riveting mix of British soccer news, Led Zeppelin commentary, music trivia, South Asian entertainment news, U.S. presidential news, and information about unemployment in Connecticut.

And of course, what anti-PRT blog would be complete without insightful analysis of hot chicks in swimsuits.

Yes, he's done it again--it's so audacious that if I were a hat person I would take mine off to him.

In fact, I think this new balance of propaganda and comprehensive infotainment is so compelling, that I hereby urge everyone with a blog or website about Personal Rapid Transit to link to Personal Rapid Transit is Bogus under the Skepticism category. Feature it, urge people to check out its opposing views, and mention it often in emails, blog entries and forum posts.

A serious contrary view like
Personal Rapid Transit is Bogus deserves wide, wide, WIDE exposure. Did I mention wide?

Thank you for your attention, and now back to our regular format.

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Ken Avidor

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