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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

‘Dump Bachmann’ throws Propagandist under the beer truck

So last night I'm at home minding my own business, when I get a Google Alert that the Dump Bachmann Blog has a post congratulating Labridor that his video, "Zombies," has won Honorable Mention in a beer company-sponsored moviemaking contest. "He got a Participation Ribbon, how nice," I thought.

But today the post (
here) is gone! Though it still shows up in the Recent list:

Wha' happen???

Did the prize (a case of beer) arrive packaged in a pod?
Was the weasel non-union?
Do they not allow autobiographical works?
Did the award committee call and say it was -- oops -- a mistake?

Update (6/11): or maybe someone at DB made a mistake -- there's no sign yet that the company has announced the contest winners. But gosh -- it's an awfully specific mistake.

Update (7/7): the winning movies have finally been posted! But they're not so much movies as they are commercials.

"Tastes great!" "Less Ken Avidor!"

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