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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kenwood Milhous Nixidor

Now that I have the honor of being #1 on the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist's new enemies list, I am starting to notice all sorts of amazing similarities and differences between him and #37.

Not trusted by Eisenhower Born during Eisenhower Administration
Claimed to find microfilm inside pumpkin Head shaped like pumpkin
Saw Commies around every corner Sees PRTistas behind every Republican, vice versa
Gave Checkers speech about receiving gift of a cocker spaniel Once lost game of checkers to cocker spaniel
A leader of the Red Scare
Claims PRT is anti-transit
Said "Sock it to me" on Laugh-In Uses sock-puppetry on the internets
Closest advisors: Ehrlichman, Haldeman Ned Luddington
Agnew Joe Sixpack/Twelvepack
Secretly bombed Cambodia Publicly bombed in Wikipedia conflict-of-interest accusations
Broke into the Watergate looking for dirt on Lawrence O'Brien
Said F-word to Lawrence Fabian on the phone
Broke into office of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist
Implies smart people are crazy, have meltdowns
Talked to Kissinger in darkest hours
Talked to Ned Luddington
"Let me make this perfectly clear"Muddies and confuses the issues
Agnew evaded income taxes
Reported CPRT to IRS
Negotiated with Chinese
Once wrote he wouldn't talk to me anymore
Dirty tricks made Ed Muskie cryLame tricks make PRT supporters laugh
Resigned in disgraceI am resigned to fact that he'll always act disgracefully

Does Ken Avidor lose his flavor on the bedpost overnight?

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