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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Speaking of biting

On September 10, Kenwood Humidor the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist related in his Dump Mark Olson blog that a PRT company has had problems. In fact, he wrote:

Another PRT Company Frog/2getthere is "failliet" (bankrupt)

and another one
bites the dust:
Frog/2getthere, the company that has devised the unmanned peoplemover, is bankrupt.


But this post is not about defending that company, as if it needed it. It is not about the propagandist calling Frog "PRT," when in the past he has claimed it is not PRT.

Nor is it about the mistake in the post's headline: "Another PRT company... bankrupt." What other PRT companies have gone bankrupt? Recently?

This post is also not about the background to the story, which explains that the original Frog company may be bankrupt, but its separate units have reorganized and continue to operate:
Frog has restructured earlier this year, splitting the company in three independent companies. The industrial business is still conducted by Frog AGV Systems, while Advanced Cargo Transhipment (ACT) is responsible for harbor applications and 2getthere for APM-systems. Source, #5 (Transport-Innovators group)
Therefore, the part in his headline about 2getthere being "failliet" is wrong too. This post could be about that; but it's not.

What this post is about is that Kiln Ovendoor put up his "failliet" news item on September 10 -- two days after the Transport-Innovators message was posted. The full story was available. Kenwood simply cherry-picked the part of the story that served his propaganda purpose.

Ken Avidor gives your pet a shiny, healthy coat

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Sean Dodson said...

Sure PRT has been strewn with failure and bankruptcy, but its time may well have come. The need for a more sustainable form of people mover is incredibly expedient in the face of global warming, i'd say.

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