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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mr. Puffy has a great fall

He taketh my screen-name in vain

Nedken Ovendoor the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist has been a busy boy lately, what with the need to pull together all the threads of the Big Scary PRT Conspiracy.

News stories about PRT are more and more frequent (he dismisses them as "puff pieces"), the most recent in the New York Times and on CNN.com. Guess this means the Times supports Mark Olson, and Time Warner is a road warrior.

The PRT - Right Wing connection must be cemented too, and on that front he is vigilantly on the lookout for bias on Slappy Olson's page on Wikipedia. Avidor has even gone so far as to file a Conflict of Interest complaint (a "COI")-- 'cause, ya know, PRT = Mark Olson, therefore Biased Mark Olson Article = Biased PRT Article.

Humpty Puffy even brings me into it. He writes:

I will stop editing the page if persons with genuine COI issues like PRT promoter Mr_Grant (David Gow) and Republicans like Swanny and the guy from the AEI stop editing the page. Source

The thing is, Undiedrawer wouldn't recognize Objectivity if it walked up to him on the street and cried, "Ken, dontcha know me? It's me. Objectivity. When was the last time I saw you -- elementary school? So I hear you went to art college-"

And what does ol' "liberal-biased" Wikipedia think? If Slappy is a right winger, Slappy = PRT, and therefore PRT = right wing, then surely Wikipedia will side with Avidor? Um, NOPE:
Swanny123s edits were well within WP:BLP guidelines. On the other hand, Avidor has chosen not to abide by the request to stop editing the article. If Avidor wants to add the other names to this report (per the guidelines), feel free to. However, if Avidor continues to ignore this, and edits against policy (BLP, COI, disruption), he may be blocked from editing.

I have reviewed the edits of Swanny123,
Avidor, Mr Grank [sic], and the "AEI" guy to the Olson article. Swanny123, Mr Grant and AEI guy's edits do not violate NPOV nor do their edits show a COI results [sic]. Source

Avidor's problem is he thinks that having a point of view means you can't possibly write neutrally about something. In his book, journalists must be worse than lawyers.

You know, if Puffy the Magic Propagandist has a problem with Wikipedia, he ought to head over to Conservapedia. He'll fit "right" in with all the other nice people digging into the truth on subjects such as Hillary Clinton and Evolution.

Help Humpty Puffy!"Durrr -- got any superglue?"

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