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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Death of a Talking Point

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Taxi 2000 v. Anderson Lawsuit Settled

(12/21) J. Edward Anderson announced today that he and Taxi 2000 Corporation have settled their differences over issues involving intellectual property, and Taxi 2000 has agreed to end its lawsuit filed against him. "Both Taxi 2000 and I will and can continue to pursue our mutual goal of the wider development and deployment of Personal Rapid Transit systems without fear of further law suits," Anderson wrote in an e-mail. The suit was filed in April of this year after Anderson, former Taxi 2000 CEO, left to form his own company, PRT International, LLC.


That What? Who Cares? [12.22.05 12:12 am]

From the Do Your Own Research Files: *** clutters up some poor guy's LiveJournal post about Cabinentaxi.

Gee, What Happened to That PRT Resolution, Mr. Gow?
2005-12-22 05:30 pm UTC
ht tp: // ww w. twin cities .com/ mld/pioneerpress/news/loc al/13445077 . htm

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