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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Framed like a picture at Aaron Brothers

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Posted in the "Mpls" newsgroup, 9/22/2005:

It looks like US attorney, Tom Hefflefinger is attempting to frame up and assassinate the character of Minneapolis City Council Member Dean Zimmermann. Hefflefinger obtained a search warrant and was poised to move forward with a grand jury investigation on the basis of fabricated evidence that was released to the public and accompanied by a sensational mid-afternoon raid just days before the 2005 primary election.

The linchpin [sic] of the Hefflefinger's [sic] case against Zimmermann is an audio-video tape recording of Dean Zimmermann allegedly being asked what he wanted, to which Dean allegedly replied "Money, money, money." The US attorney has refused to release that audio tape. However, the date of that alleged meeting between Zimmermann and the FBI's cooperating witness coincides with the date of a well publicized birthday party for Dean Z. In an interview with Minneapolis issues list member Wizard Marks ..., Dean Zimmermann reportedly admitted saying that he wanted "Money, money, money," in response to the question, "What do you want for your birthday, Dean?" which was shouted across the room in the presence of about 100 witnesses, according to Dean Z and his wife, Jenny Heiser.

Update: Pulse commentator's blog debunks allegations

The Pulse


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